• The Gadson Garden Estates is a housing concept that is revolutionary in its design and financial structure. The first of the Eldominium Estates concept is to be built in Barstow, California. The development will include 166 townhome residential units for homeless veterans, a multi-purpose clubhouse and restaurants, recreational facilities, and 297 congregate care assisted living-type suites.  Accompanying the senior-veterans housing units and facilities will include a commercial/retail shopping plaza; and later, over 800 upscaled SFRs around the expansion of a 9-hole golf course to an 18-hole tournament class course. 

  • The project will be developed over several phases  
  • Phase One will be developed as a demonstration and marketing effort.   Thirty-two townhome units that will be built-out completely.   The 45,000 multi-purpose and rec center will be completed in the second phase.   This phase of the development will be used to pre- market and promote the entire project.  Because of the unique and revolutionary Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund that will be initiated with the entire project, Phase One will be used to introduce that concept to the general public.  Narrow Gates CLC (a not-for-profit community organization) will sponsor the UHATF.   Projected development cost for this marketing section of Phase One is set at approximately $37 million.   All units will be constructed, fully furnished and equipped for promotional purposes. The site is easily accessible from Interstate Hwy 15, and fronts on historic U.S. Hwy Rt. 66, adjacent to a public golf course.  Upon commencement of the development, an intensive promotion and marketing effort will be started. 

  • Entire Project    The entire project will be developed on a 76+ acre-site located near Barstow, CA (another 41+acres are reserved for a commercial/retail development Go to: Gadson Regional Shopping Plaza ). Given the unique, and revolutionary financing and operational concepts, it will be necessary to build-out a model of each floor plan, from which the total project will be presented to the general public . Because of the infusion of jobs and a sizeable tax base-increase for the City of Barstow, the Gadson Garden Estates will be an important and beneficial project for the Barstow and Apple Valley areas specifically, but the general appeal for the development will be nationwide. The project is expected to produce some 305 new jobs; nearly $4 million in payroll per year, and over $2.5 million in retail sales each year; $40,000 annually in municipal property taxes; and national exposure for an unparalleled housing concept for retirees and veterans. Another feature of the project will be the introduction of  the Hospital Outpatient Module (H.O.M.), with units judiciously spread throughout the project [see http://www.hauserpro.com/hom ]       It will be the HOM feature, coupled with the Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund that will bring national attention to this first Gadson Garden Eldominium Estates development.   Other sections of the development will include a regional shopping plaza, the upgrade of a 9-hole golf course to a tournament class 18-hole course, and over 800 single family homes scattered around the golf course.  In order to provide a platform for the Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM), the development will include the acquisition of existing home care agencies that will be used to introduce the HOM concept to the general public.  Because of the humanitarian aspect of the development, it has been chosen and approved for up to $425 million from a group of wealthy individuals and trust funds; in other words, the entire development is already fully funded.  We are currently in the process of vetting our development team.     The development concept and all of the supporting features will be replicated in Central Florida, Nashville, TN and the State of New York. 
  • Standard Standard Town-home units:          The 166 veteran town-homes are designed to reduce the veterans homeless population in the Southern California region, estimated to be well over twelve thousand.   The units will be exceptionally large and specifically accessorized to meet the needs of homeless veterans. 
  •          The 166 veteran town-homes are designed to reduce the veterans homeless population in the Southern California region, estimated to be well over twelve thousand.   The units will be        exceptionally large and specifically accessorized to meet the needs of homeless veterans. 
         The town-homes are designed to reduce the veterans homeless population in the Southern                   California region, estimated to be well over twelve thousand.   The units will be exceptionally                 large and specifically accessorized to meet the needs of homeless veterans.
  • Standard Assisted Living Units 
  • A typical assisted living unit will be within a building referred to as a pavilion, which will have eight studio-type apartments and a separate apartment for the caretakers, who will provide supervision, 24/seven.  A pavilion is 12,250 square feet, non-institutional housing "cluster" that will represent a departure from the traditional "HRF or ACCF", or senior citizens apartment complex; each having all the qualities and amenities of a townhouse or condominium. The basic cluster (called Pavilion) with its eight (8) suites (or units), each with a fireplace, den, kitchenette, private storage and patio, complete with a unique video communication system is the standard model for each of the 33 pavilions planned for the development. A separate unit is designed for a live-in custodian or "surrogate family member/s” that will oversee and provide general care and supervision of the residents.  A separate unit is designed for a live-in custodian or "surrogate family member/s” that will oversee and provide general care and supervision of the residents. 

  • Because of the facility's design and standard program features, each pavilion could qualify as an Assisted Living Facility or Adult Congregate Care Facility, eligible for state and federal reimbursement through the Medicare/Medicaid system at a per diem rate considerably lower than is presently paid.   With the economies-of-scale and operating-plan, the pavilions can be operated at a daily rate as much as 33 percent less than the current market rates. The lower operating expenses will be accomplished as a result of a reduced level of long term financing.
  • To facilitate the various health and service personnel that will be contracted to make "house calls", an examination and observation clinic will be established at the multi-purpose center. The observation clinic will be equipped with at least 10 Hospital Outpatient ModuleThe H.O.M. room will be available to care for and observe those tenants who become ill or need minimal health care. This room will also serve for counseling by therapists, social workers, paralegal and paramedical personnel, etc. 

  • The Observation Clinic will be equipped with a video-communication system, linked to the nearest Skilled Nursing Facility or Acute Care Facility, which will allow physicians and nurses to perform "off-site", video observation of the residents...such as electro cardiogram tests, blood pressure analysis, electric encephalographic examinations, emergency and other procedures that can be performed with the use of computers, video equipment, and the H.O.M. units. 

  • This housing concept will be marketed to elderly home owners whose homes have become too much to care for by themselves, but who fear losing exempt property tax status, built-up equity, and having to endure the general hassles involved in selling a property. A Gadson Garden Estates pavilion will be a pleasant answer for those seniors to salvage and avoid such losses, while at the same time, improving their quality of life. 

  • With the use of the Hospital Outpatient Modules, the pavilions will also represent an alternative to a nursing home. Residents for this type of housing will come from current homeowners and the many crowed apartment complexes that are beginning to populate the cities, and those who have deliberately avoided such living arrangements. This housing concept will provide a unique alternative to the institutionalization that is so much a part of the present methods of housing and caring for the elderly. 

  • A typical pavilion will be designed, managed and maintained much like a private, single- family residence or bed-n-breakfast inn. Each tenant will have his or her own bathroom facilities, private entrance, gas- burning fireplace and personal storage area. Among the many benefits to this housing concept is that it de-institutionalizes the senior citizen housing experience and encourages the dignity of private living quarters. 

  • Although the Gadson Garden Estates is likely to be more readily available to families and those of some financial means, for those who cannot afford such an investment/expense, similar facilities will be designed to meet the criteria to justify local, state and federal reimbursements.   The marketing strategy will involve soliciting those seniors who own their own homes, and providing a full range of Real Estate Services as well as Financial Planning Services that will maximize their nest eggs. From the sale of their existing homes, or acquire financing through commercial or private lenders, they will be able to make an easy transition to the Gadson Garden Estates.        

  • The project will have 33 such residential rental pavilions, with some 297 units. The mix of units will include independent, assisted living and continuing care units.

  • The project will be built-out over four phases.  The estimated global project cost is over $99.5 million.  An international general contractor has been engaged to provide a fully turnkey build-out of the entire development within 36 months.  The first phase is projected to cost over $37 million.  When the entire project is completed, it is anticipated that the annual gross rental income will be more than $17 million.


The 3-stage development consists of several groundbreaking healthcare concepts that will have the effect of revolutionizing the delivery of quality health services to seniors and wounded veterans. The Barstow project will be the first of a succession of similar developments in other parts of the nation. There are special features that will be unique to this multi-stage development: 
  • Senior Eldominium Pavilions, a unique and non-institutionalized residential estate;
  • The Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund that will eventually replace the need for Medicare and Medicare coverage for the elderly;
  • A patent pending Hospital Outpatient Module and Homecare Delivery Service that will render skilled nursing homes obsolete.

Senior Housing Eldominium Pavilions
Among the 463 units of housing will be 33 pavilions that are designed for various levels of care for seniors, including independent living, congregate care, assisted living and hospice care. Each pavilion is a building with a foot print of 12,250 square feet, consisting of 9 suites. One of the suites is designed for a live-in concierge-team (2 RN/LPNs); the other 8 suites are units for patients. The pavilion is designed with one and two bedroom studio apartments having one and two bathrooms, den, kitchenette, fireplace, patio & storage bin, and a private entrance to each suite. A common dining room and food preparation center will be the province of the 24/7 supervisors onsite. The principal design of each pavilion is modeled after a private, residential estate. A pavilion will have no more than 12 patients and 2 live-in supervisors; and will be operated much like a bed-n-breakfast facility. 

Universal Homecare Annuity Trust Fund
In addition to the health and medical advantages for residents of the Gadson Garden estates, the plan is also designed to give all occupants of the housing development a means for insuring that they will not be practically penniless after their stay at Gadson Garden Estates. After just a one-year stay at Gadson Garden Estates, occupants will be awarded a prorated share of the annuity trust funds balance when they vacate the facility. For example, in addition to receiving supplemental coverage for medical and dental services, when an occupant has resided at the facility for 12 consecutive months, or just simply decides that Gadson Garden Estates is not for them, that resident will be reimbursed an amount equal to double the amount he or she have paid into the fund over the time of their stay. The Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund program will provide the residents at Gadson Garden Estates a long-term investment vehicle. That is, when a resident departs the Gadson Garden Estates, for whatever reason (e.g., relocation or expires), they will receive a “cash surrender” amount equal to double what they have paid in over the period of their occupancy. In the event of death, the amount will inure to the next-of-kin. This program will be available for all residents of the housing development. It is projected that this program will eventually eliminate the need for Medicare and Medicaid residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and all other institutionalized accommodations. 

Hospital Outpatient Module
The Hospital Outpatient Module (H.O.M.) is a patent-pending, portable/mobile hospital bedroom, fully equipped with the components of a medical treatment room, a nurse’s station and an adjustable, computerized, Internet interactive- hospital bed. It is to be delivered to a home, apartment, clinic, doctor’s office, public institution, etc.; and then linked to a Central Monitoring Center via the Internet for round-the-clock patient monitoring at any location on the globe. Each HOM unit will be accompanied with a caregiver who will manage and operate the equipment, and provide specialized average daily care to the patient. The unit is design to function with the skills and capacity of an attending physician, with the ability to monitor all medical life signs, diagnose patient conditions and render treatment modalities under the supervision of an attending physician and a caregiver. The equipment is designed to interact with the patient, caregiver, and all attending healthcare professionals with the social skills and conversational aptitude that is demonstrated by IBM’s “WATSON.”   The HOM will have the ability and medical knowledge of a board certified physician and other medical specialists; and the artificial intelligence to communicate in multiple languages.

At least 10 of the HOM/HDS systems will be introduced and tested at the Gadson Garden Estates. Go to: http://www.hauserpro.com/hom  for a visual presentation.