The 45,500 square foot multi-purpose center is the central, social, cultural and recreational hub for all residents of Gadson Garden Estates and the local community.  The construction site and the center is less than 30 yards from the city's only public golf course (the owners of the golf course are in the planning stage to expand the course from a 9-hole to an 18-hole, PGA style golf course.  The multi-purpose center will also serve as the pro shop and clubhouse for the golf course.  The center is designed with 2 olympic-size swimming pools, tennis and shuffle board courts, a night club, two full-service restaurants, commercial kitchen, community auditorium (which will be used for regular Broadway style plays, concerts, bingo, dances, lectures, and movie theater.  Also housed at the center are medical and dental clinics, beauty salons, mini-mart, gift shop, physical therapy and aerobic sessions, library, non-denominational religious chapel, vocational class rooms, Internet Cafe...and much more. 
Multi-Purpose Rec Center

The community recreation center will be opened to the local community as well as the 500+ residents and employees of the Gadson Garden Estates.  The center is designed to accommodate the local community as well as the occupants of the facility, with a variety of services and recreational programs, including a multi-purpose auditorium that will serve as a motion picture and live theater performances, and nightclub & bar with a below-ground stage and band stand that is raised for live band performances.