Gadson Garden Eldominiun Estates will be the venue for the introduction of  the    Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM), The H.O.M. equipment is a mobile “hospital room” that is designed to be delivered to the patient’s residence or other on-site locations.  The mobile unit is designed with three basic models (model A, B, and C).  The principal model contains three sections that incorporate a comprehensive inventory of medical apparatus and supplies, including a fully automatic and adjustable electronic bed (“the e-bed”) with built-in Internet and satellite communication systems that allow constant observation and interaction with the patients.  Personal life-sign monitors that are connected to the “e-bed” allow audio and video observation and interaction with the patient around the clock.  The H.O.M. is constructed to facilitate the ease and mobility of patient care at the home site.  At least three of the HOM units  will be set up in the guest quarters next to multi-purpose and rec center.  Those units will be used as a triage and holding room for those assisted living and others who will require 24-hour observation and supervision before being admitted to a hospital or nursing home.

As a parallel and integral feature of the Global H.O.M. equipment, a “caregiver service” is an important component of the business model.  The placement of each H. O.M. unit will be accompanied by a staff of health caregivers.  Depending on the patient’s needs, a trained health caregiver will accompany the H.O.M. unit, and will provide average-daily support and care to the patient.  Each patient will be visited by a private physician at least one day per week.  With the use of a uniquely designed web cam, audio and video conferencing is controlled and maintained by a central monitoring center (the Central Monitoring Center-CMC) that will maintain constant observation and monitoring of the patient’s life-signs.  Health professionals will be able to monitor the entire range of life-signs from anywhere on the globe.

Following the development and production of a fully operational prototype of the H.O.M. equipment, a representative operation will be used to evaluate and modify the development where needed.  During this R&D period, the company will measure and document the operation and the services prior to a nationwide expansion of the business.

After a successful R&D initiative, the business will be expanded nationwide…region by region.  A global expansion program will be considered following a successful implementation and evaluation of the nationwide service within the U.S. health system.  For a complete  description of the Hospital Outpatient Module, click on the link below:



The Hospital Outpatient Module and its accompanying Homecare Delivery Services is a patent-pending concept that will be test-marketed at the Gadson Garden Estates facility.  The system will be used as an alternative to placing seniors and patients in a skilled nursing home.  Several suites at the assisted-living pavilions will be designated for a HOM and caregivers for observation and test-marketing.