Special Feature of Gadson Garden Estates
Virtual Life-care Community
Gadson Garden Estates, VLC

The Gadson Garden Estates (the first in a group of Eldominium complexes) is a Virtual Life-care Community.  The designation is meant to identify a particular and specific business model that is uninitiated and revolutionary.  The principal characteristics of this first-of-a-kind VLC (Virtual Life-care Community) is the comprehensive and fully amortized healthcare and security for the occupants of the housing development.  Residents of the Gadson Garden Estates will be provided total medical, dental, and drugs premium expense coverage.  These benefits will be standard features and programs that will be available to all veteran occupants of the 166 townhomes, as well as those housed in the assisted living units.

Gadson Garden Estates is an upscale seniors  and veterans residential community.  The general market for the development is unlikely to be the local areas in and around Barstow, CA.  The promotional and marketing campaign will be for seniors and veterans from throughout the State of California, and even nationwide.  Much like Arizona, which has attracted seniors and retirees from other parts of the country because of its accommodating weather, so will the Gadson Garden Estates community because of its unique and revolutionary Universal Healthcare Program, and the very unorthodox physical configuration of the project?  Following are several of the key features unique to Gadson Garden Estates:

Universal Healthcare Endowment Trust Fund
Each occupant at Gadson Garden Estates will have universal healthcare benefits; with all medical, dental and drug expenses provided as a standard feature.  The program will also be designed around a long-term equity participation initiative which will result in the accumulation of a cash surrender award that will inure to all occupants of the facility when they leave the community.  The details of this program are proprietary and will only be revealed to those having signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Exceptionally large and spacious veterans apartments
Each of the vets units is plan with an entrance to the exterior, either from a central landscaped courtyard area or from the street side of the building.  Each unit will have a full-service kitchen, den, washer/dryer closet, outdoor storage room and coat and linen closets.  The one-bedroom units will be between 1,000 and 1,100 square feet.  The two-bedroom units will be between 1,500 and 1,600 square feet.

Mini-state assisted living units
The assisted living pavilions will be designed with eight suites; one & two bedrooms units.  A ninth living suite will be designed for the concierge service (generally husband and wife), who’s responsibilities will be to provide comprehensive, 24-7 supervision for the 8 to 12 occupants of the pavilion.  Each pavilion will be community-oriented facilities which look like a mini-estate.  Each residential pavilion will be a fully independent residence.  Residents will have the option of preparing meals in their suite or ordering meals from the multi-purpose center’s commercial restaurants, or socializing with the other occupants in the pavilion’s dining room.  There will be 33 such pavilions on the site.

Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM)
An HOM unit will be placed in judicious locations among the 33 pavilions.  These portable hospital treatment modules will provide immediate medical observation and treatment via the Internet for those occupants who may require more acute monitoring by attending physicians and other medical professionals.  See http://www.hauserpro.com/hom 

Business Model

The most compelling and unique program of the Gadson Garden Estates experience is the introduction of the Universal Healthcare Trust Fund and the Hospital Outpatient Module system.  Both of these concepts are uninitiated and will be introduced at the Barstow development.  Subsequent developments will be integral features in each GGE locations.