The principal owner of the Gadson Garden Estates is The Merritt Family Trust that operates under the umbrella of Gadson Garden Estates, Inc., a Wyoming S-corporation.    Trans Global Group, Inc. is the pending general contractor that has been engaged to build-out the 463-units of veterans and senior housing with prefab modular construction. to will provide the full scope of construction with  turnkey build-out of the entire development   The Project Masters  will continue to provide construction management and on-site supervision of the project's build-out.( ).  

The Luckman Partnership, AIA (TLP) stands out in the field of architecture for its commitment to people, their goals and visions.  The company's 50-year history is accented by its commitment to excellence in design and effective management. TLP has created landmarks from Hawaii to Florida, Texas to Arizona, and Oregon to Connecticut.  In Southern California, TLP's buildings are a major part of the area's history, communities and scenic skyline.  Whether you are traveling by air from LAX, or taking you family to the zoo, you will encounter the work of TLP.

Civil Engineering:
Langan is involved in many large and complex projects located throughout the eastern part of the United States. As their growth continued, the firm used its highly technical base to form the platform for expansion of its services into the civil engineering and environmental disciplines. Throughout the company's history, they have consistently sought the most challenging projects; it is on these projects that their capabilities and expertise are most useful. The goal of the firm from its beginnings has been to provide their  clients with a complete multi-disciplined package of innovative and practical services. The methods of achieving those goals remain consistent with their mission and

Builder/General Contractor
Trans Global Group, Inc     

Trans Global Group, Inc. is a Green company in the General Construction, Renewable and Solar Energy sector. The Company and its subsidiary strive to use science and technology to reduce homeowner’s and business’ energy consumption, lower their carbon footprint, increase the efficiency of their energy products and reduce energy costs. TGGI is committed to improving the environment through the products offered through its subsidiary. We provide an economically and environmentally Trans Global Group, Inc., a green company, through its subsidiaries, engages in renewable energy and solar energy sector. It offers products to reduce homeowner’s and business’ energy consumption, lower their carbon footprint, enhance the efficiency of their energy products, and reduce energy costs. The company also provides general construction services, including building schools, condominiums, town home communities, home renovations and add-ons, housing, and other projects. In addition, it offers bonding and insurance agency services. The company was formerly known as Teletek, Inc. and changed its name to Trans Global Group, Inc. in October 2007. Trans Global Group, Inc. was incorporated in 1979 and is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida. 

Project Masters Group  

The Project Masters is a full Service Construction Management firm that has a full service engineering department where we use engineering in tandem with construction management and construction. We provide a full spectrum of management services that can span the entire project duration from pre-construction to post-construction whether a construction project is Design Build, Design-Bid-Build or Construction Manager At Risk.

The Project Masters manages all of Southern California. Our corporate office is in Valencia, California and have a satellite office in Orange Country. We also can provide support construction industries nation wide. 

We are invested in your project's successful execution. We will be your consultant, advisor, and authorized representative through all phases of the project through completion and occupancy. We also provide 2D and 3D plans along with the specifications that mark the 1st step of the building process to the ribbon cutting ceremony upon project completion. As a result we are often able to achieve a turnkey completion well ahead of our competition. We prepare a documented Project Plan including the estimated scope, duration, and effort, thereby giving accurate estimated completion dates. Our approach results in a project that is well coordinated through all the stages and can easily be tailored to meet the level of service required by the client. The Project Masters can provide services that offer true benefits and savings and consistently deliver beyond our client's expectations.

When you partner with The Project Masters Group, you are aligned with engineers who see themselves as members of your team. We are dedicated to undertaking your project using the latest technology and innovative solutions in the industry. As your project progresses, we will continually document each step of the process, communicate scheduled status updates and monitor all aspects of quality assurance. With over 100 years of collected experience, combined with our expanded expertise in Construction Management, Construction Consulting, and Engineering, we bring your project to completion on time and on budget.

Unique Features:
Gadson Garden Eldominium Estates is the only senior housing development in the country that will provide medical, dental and drug expense coverage for each occupant; as well as a living trust fund that will result in a "cash surrender value" when an occupant departs the complex, for any reason.  It is this feature that will bring national attention to the housing concept.  It is projected that this feature will become a viable replacement for Medicare and Medicaid for all institutionalized individuals in the future.


The 3-stage development consists of several groundbreaking healthcare concepts that will have the effect of revolutionizing the delivery of quality health services to seniors and wounded veterans. The Barstow project will be the first of a succession of similar developments in other parts of the nation. There are special features that will be unique to this multi-stage development: 
Senior Eldominium Pavilions, a unique and non-institutionalized residential estate;
The Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund that will eventually replace the need for Medicare and Medicare coverage for the elderly;
A patented Hospital Outpatient Module and Homecare Delivery Service that will render skilled nursing homes obsolete.

Senior Housing Pavilions
Among the 463 units of housing will be 33 pavilions that are designed for various levels of care for seniors, including independent living, congregate care, assisted living and hospice care. Each pavilion is a building with a foot print of 12,250 square feet, consisting of 9 suites. One of the suites is designed for a live-in concierge-team (2 RN/LPNs); the other 8 suites are units for patients. The pavilion is designed with one and two bedroom studio apartments having one and two bathrooms, den, kitchenette, fireplace, patio & storage bin, and a private entrance to each suite. A common dining room and food preparation center will be the province of the 24/7 supervisors onsite. The principal design of each pavilion is modeled after a private, residential estate. A pavilion will have no more than 12 patients and 2 live-in supervisors; and will be operated much like a bed-n-breakfast facility. 

Universal Homecare Annuity Trust Fund
In addition to the health and medical advantages for residents of the Gadson Garden estates, the plan is also designed to give all occupants of the housing development a means for insuring that they will not be practically penniless after their stay at Gadson Garden Estates. After just a one-year stay at Gadson Garden Estates, occupants will be awarded a prorated share of the annuity trust funds balance when they vacate the facility. For example, in addition to receiving supplemental coverage for medical and dental services, when an occupant has resided at the facility for 12 consecutive months, or just simply decides that Gadson Garden Estates is not for them, that resident will be reimbursed an amount equal to double the amount he or she have paid into the fund over the time of their stay. The Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund program will provide the residents at Gadson Garden Estates a long-term investment vehicle. That is, when a resident departs the Gadson Garden Estates, for whatever reason (e.g., relocation or expires), they will receive a “cash surrender” amount equal to double what they have paid in over the period of their occupancy. In the event of death, the amount will inure to the next-of-kin or their estate. This program will be available for all residents of the housing development. It is projected that this program will eventually eliminate the need for Medicare and Medicaid residents of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and all other institutionalized accommodations. 

Hospital Outpatient Module
The Hospital Outpatient Module (H.O.M.) is a patent-pending, portable/mobile hospital bedroom, fully equipped with the components of a medical treatment room, a nurse’s station and an adjustable, computerized, Internet interactive- hospital bed. It is to be delivered to a home, apartment, clinic, doctor’s office, public institution, etc.; and then linked to a Central Monitoring Center via the Internet for round-the-clock patient monitoring at any location on the globe. Each HOM unit will be accompanied with a caregiver who will manage and operate the equipment, and provide specialized average daily care to the patient. The unit is design to function with the skills and capacity of an attending physician, with the ability to monitor all medical life signs, diagnose patient conditions and render treatment modalities under the supervision of an attending physician and a caregiver. The equipment is designed to interact with the patient, caregiver, and all attending healthcare professionals with the social skills and conversational aptitude that is demonstrated by IBM’s “WATSON.” At least 10 of the HOM/HDS systems will be introduced and tested at the Gadson Garden Estates. Go to: for a visual presentation.

  Go to: Universal Healthcare Annuity Trust Fund.  

About Us

                    Management Team

Senior Administrator         William Brady
Property Management      Arthur Pinckney
Acquisition                         Henry Gilmore
Asset Management          Saul Montrose
Legal/Insurance                Daniel Jenkins
Security                             RB Merritt
Sr. Medical Officer            Dr. Ruth Horn
Supervising Nurse             Reland Jackson, RN
Maintenance Director       Wyatt Freeman
Human Resources            James Jones, Jr
Comptroller                       Charles Wilkerson
Food Service Director       Evelyn Sager
Physical Therapist             Phyllis Meyers
Dietrician                            Joi Johnson
Recreational Director        Suzanne Peebles
Transportation Services    Michael Franklin

The management and operations strategies for the Gadson Garden Estates development will be driven by a team of business specialists that are unique to each revenue and operating center.  The link below  will lead to a list of professional business entities that will be contracted to manage each revenue center of the development . Immediately following available funding, these  operating disciplines will be engaged and vetted for their suitability and feasibility for the development (all of which are pending at this time).  
The national headquarters for the company's corporate offices will be established in Las Vegas, NV.  The overall management and supervision for these disciplines will be under the authority and oversight of MPG, LLC (Merit Properties Group) and under the general direction and council of a reputable corporate management consulting firm.  See the list of professional business managers at:    PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS MANAGERS