We specialize in the following services:
-Private Real Estate Development
-Commercial Real Estate Development
-Development Management
-Retail Site Analysis
-Site Acquisition
-Feasibility Studies
-Land Acquisition
-Site Selection
-Municipal Approvals Processing
-Housing Amenities
 Private residential units;
Fully equipped bath, designed for comfort           and safety; 
        Two balanced meals;
 Twenty-four hour supervision
All utilities
Medical, dental, drugs insurance coverage;
In-house doctor visits;
Daily maid service
Oversized living quarters
Homecare Services
Hospital Outpatient Module (HOM)
Limo transport services
Regular bus trips to Las Vegas
Special trips and cruises
Private room service (food catering)
Supplemental medical, dental/drug premiums
Cash surrender upon departure

Services & Amenities

The services and amenities at the Gadson Garden Estates are unmatched among similar housing developments in Southern California, with one important exception: The Universal Healthcare Trust Fund, which is a proprietary and actuarial investment program designed for the benefit of all occupants of the Gadson Garden Estates facilities.  The principal purpose for the trust fund is to provide a cash-surrender amount to be distributed to all occupants of the development.  For example, at the termination of a stay at the facilities, occupants will be granted a cash-surrender award that, in most cases, will be greater than the total amount of rents paid during their stay at the facility.